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Jennie | Day 001

Rumon CarterComment

I’ve mentioned that for me, this community #100daysoffacingthecoast project started with my Sea Change personal project, through which I connected with this ocean through photography, every day, for a year. But Sea Change wasn’t only about the sea. It was about her, and my connection to her also. And yet, while she was in nearly all of the photos I made of this seascape over the course of the year, while the words I added to those images were often written to her, she didn’t ever appear in them.

So, as I begin again, I begin with her, she who for me is the sea: Power, transformation, beauty and certainty.

She who inspires me to grow. And so, for this project, I have chosen to commit to coming out from behind the camera, to engage with not only the seascape, but with those who inhabit it. When I worked with the @insideoutprojectvictoria last year, I was moved by the notion of people providing their portraits as an expression of their commitment to coastal health, and by all the reasons for which those people held that commitment. To #facethecoast came to mean, for me, to be present; to be mindful; to honour the relationship we all, we who live here, have for this coast, no matter the extent to which we express it; and to stand up for that relationship, for this coast, and for its sustainability.

I’ve been curious to know more about the people I see out my window every day, curious about how they reflect on their coast, but I’ve always been nervous about crossing the fourth wall of the camera’s stage to find out. For the next 100 days I commit to face that fear, hoping to work through it and to improve my interview skills in the process.

This is Day One. Appropriately, from my One.

“I don’t think it goes just one way; I don’t think I just pick up the energy from the ocean. I think that it also takes away my own … I feel like you can find all of the human emotions in the ocean - it’s angry, it’s playful, it’s calm, it’s reflective - and I feel drawn to it for that. No matter your mood, you can find it in the ocean. And I think you can leave your emotions with the sea. I think that it’s a cycle: you can take from it what you need, but also leave behind what you wish to.”

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