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Christian | Day 008

Rumon CarterComment

“I wanted to get into the ocean more. I’ve been surfing for years, but I was getting a little disgruntled with it. Obviously I love it, but it was getting so spotty. I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to figure out freediving. You should see it out there - it’s gorgeous. It’s just about being in the ocean and, for me…I’m a pretty intense fella - it calms me down. Without sounding cliché, it’s like meditation.

And I’m a sporting guy, so there’s also a challenge there - to go deeper, to hold your breath longer. When I started Kirk Krack’s Performance Freediving program they asked how long I thought I was going to be able to hold my breath. I put down a minute, as you would. And before you know it, you’re holding your breath for six minutes - it’s unbelievable.

There are more folks getting into it because, well, look at where we live. It’s another way to get into the ocean. I think there’s a group that are into it for the spearfishing. For others I think it’s the sporting aspect to it; it’s another way to challenge yourself. But…it’s pretty peaceful down there as well, compared to the chaos above. You get down there and it’s dead calm - it’s just you and the elements. I find that I get introspective… you slow down, it’s just you and the ocean and your heart rate and the wildlife. You’re in sync with everything: the tides, the water temperature, the fish that are in season - there are all these elements that come together. On a cold day like today I get down here and think, ‘Why am I doing this again?’ And then you get in and you’re like, 'Oh yeah…’”

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