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Paul | Day 013

Rumon CarterComment

"My son had a board, and I said, “Hey, I want a board; let me try that.” So I tried it, about halfway up this hill, and thought, “This is pretty fun” and then, “If I could only make that corner at the bottom without falling off…”  

Even now, you don’t know whether you can make the corner until you’re at the bottom of the hill. Even a 15 mile an hour wind at your back will get you going so fast that you just have to take it and go straight down - that’s like a nice surf. If the wind’s coming at you it’s like brakes - if you want to slow down you just open your body up like a sail.

It’s exercise. Jogging gets too boring.

It feels like surfing, or snowboarding, or snow skiing. It’s just the ocean…the ocean has its vibe in the air - the ions or something, I don’t know - you can’t feel the city buzz here. It’s the ocean, it’s the track, and a lot of the people…this one guy was coming up - I don’t know him - he comes here once in a while in his Cobra convertible, 500 horsepower, maybe more, and he’s booting it uphill and he sees me coming and he sticks his hand out, and he’s going this way and I’m going that way and we connect with a high five - Whack! - and he’s like, “Yeeeeah!” Stuff like that. It’s fun.

If you had a million bucks - 5 million - with this view, you couldn’t build a better track. This is why I come here, every Saturday. I try to arrive at around 7 to avoid all the cars - it’s getting busier now. I call it “waiting for a wave.”  You have all these cars coming, so you just stand at the top of the hill, waiting for your opening, waiting for your wave. It’s like surfing and sitting in the ocean, waiting for your set. And then, “Ok, there it is - go!”

I have this saying: If you’re not testing the laws of physics, it ain’t worth living.

One time, I was here - I guess, you know, you look younger with your helmet and sunglasses on and a skateboard - and this white limo comes up, full of women - I guess it was a stagette - and the window goes down and this lady hangs out and goes, “You wanna get kidnapped?!” And I said, “Yeah!…but no…I can’t. I’m too old for that shit. Too dangerous.”

Ok, I gotta go again or I’m gonna seize up."

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