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Kim | Day 019

Rumon CarterComment

"I’ve been sitting here throwing walnuts, and the seagulls have been catching them out of the air. Twenty all around me at once. They’re incredible. And then, a moment ago there was an otter playing in the water just off the rocks. It’s amazing.

We’re here picking my daughter up from university and bringing her home to Grande Prairie. But I grew up in Seattle, camping on the beach, digging clams, so I miss this. I miss the trees in particular.

Right now, I’m feeling a connection with the rock beneath me - it makes me vibrate! - and with those mountains across the water - look at the way the light’s catching them. I’m going to bring some of these rocks home with me to add to a pile I have at home. I’ll build a mosaic from them, to remember this moment."

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