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Mackenzie | Day 022

Rumon CarterComment

"The best thing that ever happened to me was when my family moved out here a few years ago. I don’t know what would be happening to me if I still lived in Ontario - probably just playing video games and smoking weed with my buddies. And now, instead, I’m a third year honours math student and life’s just awesome.

I love to get out on my bike and go just about anywhere. This is one of my favourite spots to come. I love just getting on the bike and getting lost. I don’t really have a destination, didn’t intend on coming down here when I left the house, but this is where I happened to stop.

The smell of the ocean and the beauty of this spot brings me here. Growing up in Ontario we didn’t have beaches like this. I never take for granted seeing the ocean and the mountains every day - it always blows me away. I live in Metchosin and from there we can see right across the water - it’s just always amazing to see the mountains. Talking to some people out here who’ve lived here their whole life, I’ll say to them, “Oh my god, look at the mountains!” and they’ll respond, “Meh.” But I’ll never take it for granted - it’s so beautiful out here."

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