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Russell, Noah & Lee | Day 024

Rumon CarterComment

Walking out my front door, immediately the music, hip hop - not a common sound amidst the far more frequent wind, seagulls and crashing waves - comes up from the walkway at the water. These three fellas, enjoying “a vibe session” soundtracked by an iPod and a small speaker, surely have to be my coastal conversation for the day. Along with the vibe and the words, the photo direction, right to left, was all their own.


“My relationship with the coast began when I moved from Prince George after graduating high school. My sister already lived here and, visiting her here, I knew that upon graduation I'd be moving to Victoria. That was in the year 2000.  So I've been on vacation from Prince George for fifteen years. I knew that this was going to be the place that I wanted to be.  It's just a lovely town.  I mean, the vibe is bea-u-ti-ful.  And, since living here for fifteen years I've travelled around a little bit to beautiful places - Byron Bay, Australia for instance, is a lovely place to be - but still, being able to come back home to this is nicer. You know, it's like coming back to your vacation, from a vacation. So my relationship with the coast in life.  And not to super knock down Prince George, because it's also a place and it brought me to who I am and where I am, but this is where I want to be. Getting to admire and enjoy this every day...I’ve got my meaning of life already.”


“Oh yeah, Victoria’s the bomb. On a world scale? This is as good as it gets. I’ve been to countless cities like Sydney, Australia; Edinburgh, Scotland; London; (Russell: Amsterdam); the ‘Dam, yeah, for sure...tons of places. And Victoria is pretty much as good as it gets. Because we have all the wonderful components that make up a really wonderful city to live in. We’ve got a low crime rate, beautiful scenery, tons of good people, friendly, warming atmosphere. It’s the place you always want to come back to. No matter how many times I circle the globe I’ll always come back to Victoria.”


“What brought me down to the water? Man, it’s just a beautiful day in Victoria. The water’s beautiful. This is where I’m from, so it’s just nice to be here. (Noah: It’s still early days in summer, so you gotta soak it up when it’s happening. Russell: You’ll notice he has his camera with him as well.) Yeah, it’s some of the best pictures you can take down here - absolutely amazing.”

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