Andrew | Day 040

“I commute about 15km a day to work at the Vancouver Island Tech Park, from the Gorge and Tillicum area, but I’ve been on holiday the past two weeks, just walking the dogs, so I thought I should add a bit more to the fitness program before heading back to work, so that I don’t drag my butt in on Monday. So I went for a ride on my e-bike, but my butt got sore so I figured I’d take a break and take in the view.

The view here is pristine. It’s a little hazy today, but’s almost like being in Lord of the Rings or something with the beautiful snow-capped mountains over there, no matter how hot a day it is. It always seems somehow refreshing to look over there and see those snow caps. And sometimes I come here in the early morning to see the sunrises, or the great sunsets behind the Ogden Point terminals.

I walk my dogs here whenever we can get ‘em over here, because it’s a bit of a commute. I have two little Chihuahuas and they whine a lot in the car, so if I go any more than 10k they start to get frenetic in the back. But there are lots of people who walk their dogs here so it’s good for socializing the dogs. When they were young it was very good to teach one of them who had a belligerent attitude that they’re not the biggest dog in the world and you better learn to get along.  

You really miss it...when I go back east to visit my wife’s family in Nova Scotia, it’s still the ocean, but without mountains framing it, it seems really dull.”

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