Jerry, Adam & Adrian | Day 039

Adam: “I’m trying to make a magnetorheological fluid.”

What the heck is that?

“It’s this kind of fluid that if you put it in a cup and hold a magnet underneath it becomes thick like rock.”

Where’d you get this idea?

“There’s this book from the library called Gonzo Gizmos I’ve been reading about.”  

Adrian: “Right now I’m studying model rockets, like hobby rockets. They say that the the high powered are very dangerous, but the low powered are ok if you’re 16 and I’m 15 right now.”

Jerry: “Adam’s more the chemist or physicist and…”

Adam: “Dad, is that a duck?” [Pointing at a dead and desiccating body on the rocky beach.]

Jerry: “...mmm, no, it’s just an unfortunate little critter... and Adrian’s more of an astronomy guy. They’re both home schooled, so when we come down here they do all kinds of stuff.

We live in the Cowichan Valley, but their mom works away so we come into Victoria every week or so to drop her off or pick her up.

I guess we moved out here to re-establish roots. My grandfather had an electrical business here in the 30s, but then my family moved east to Ontario. We came out here in ‘73 as a family, I was 15, and, I mean, I got bit, you know. It was all I could think about . So 12 years later I worked three jobs to get together enough money to move back out here. And I didn’t even make it all the way - I had to stop in Alberta to get another job to make enough money to finish the trip.

We didn’t initially move here, but when I met my wife - who’s in the tourism industry - we decided to come to the Island. That was, maybe, 2006. So, finally. My dad had a cabin up in Mill Bay, coincidentally, we just ended up settling in that area, in the Cowichan Valley.

I’m working on a treehouse for the boys. I had a business called Nature’s Own Creations - it was started in Vancouver and then we took it up to the Okanagan. We supplied all the high-end hotels with rustic furniture and stuff like that. When the kids came along I put it on the bench, but I still can’t help when I see a nice piece of driftwood, grabbing it.”

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