Eric | Day 030

"We used to live down here. My wife had an appointment, so I thought I’d grab something to drink and just come and sit, do what I used to do every day off - just come down here and sit and watch.  

I like simply watching the different weather. The water sometimes is like glass, sometimes it’s crazy rocky. Also the different animals - there are so many different birds that come during the winter months, and then as seasons change different birds come by. I think that in the last year, being by the ocean before we moved away, I realized that I'm an observer, and this is the best place to come and be alone and observe.

It's definitely calmed me. I was in the midst of a really stressful time when we first moved here - I’d just started my career and it was incredibly stressful.  So I would just come down here and let the sounds of the ocean just wash away the stress - it was amazing.  I think maybe that's just become part of how I come and unwind: to come and be quiet by nature.

We moved away from here a month ago. I miss it so much. I'd love to move back down to this coast here ... or even anywhere. I love the oceanside - that’s definitely become a goal:  to be close to the ocean.

I think I kind of did take the coast for granted at first, but I think that’s definitely subjective. I think you could always do more, be out more, be taking advantage of it more. For me, I wish I’d gotten out on the ocean more. I lived on the ocean, steps away, and I could have had a canoe.  So I should have done that, I should have been in a canoe on those calm days and just paddled around.  I think I would have enjoyed it that much more. I also went snorkelling probably a week before I moved, right out here with a friend, and it was one of the most incredible things. So that's something that I wish I did for the two years that I lived here.

But, I mean, man, there's still time to do that."

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