Kate | Day 029

"I come here all the time, but it’s usually to jump up and down and make silly faces, so can we take a photo of that instead?

Because I came out here today because I moved to a new place with a new roommate who’s one of my really good friends and she’s having a pretty shitty week and I’m coming out of one of the shittiest periods of my life, so it’s kind of...this is where I come to rejuvenate. I’m normally a very silly, monkeyish person, so when I say jumping up and down and making silly faces, that’s actually usually what I do.

My relationship with the coast is that it is the one place that I can come, and sit, and be in total silence with my thoughts. A lot of people don’t think of it that way, they think that it’s very busy and big and...that’s the point!...because our heads are busy and big and you’re never going to sort it out, and it’s never going to be a small world and you just have to get used to thinking through every single part. And that’s just the point.

So my relationship with the coast is what people don’t see and exactly what it is. People like to look at this and go, “Oh! World! Ocean! Big things!” Or they can be, “Ships! Destroy! Horrible things!” And it’s kinda like I see a bunch of rocks and water that have no idea of what is going on around them, they’re just a bunch of different pieces that are coming together and co-existing.

And I think that’s what’s so beautiful about the coast is that it’s a place where so many different elements come together. We don’t get how much we’re different, and yet alike and that we have no choice but to co-exist with each other. Honestly, every time I come out here I leave with a more fulfilled feeling of understanding where I am in my life and where my life is at, juxtaposed next to everyone else.

I just come here and have big thoughts, see it all...I think that every thought is a big one! You gotta pay attention to every single thought because every one creates your reality.

Everyone that I know that’s willing to come out here with me and just stare blankly at the ocean are people that aren’t from here. The people that are from here are like, “Can we do something else?” People just get used to what they see. The reason that people say that traveling is such a beautiful thing that everyone should experience is that it opens you up to the fact that your world is not THE world. I think everyone knows they’re connected, and then there other folks who can understand and LIVE that knowledge. And I think that it’s usually that those people have had to go through some different kind of hardship that gets them to make sense of it. I think those people are the ones who can see beyond their own daily reality."

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