Martin | Day 31

“I can't remember a time when I haven't been on the ocean or on a boat - ever - and that's been just a wonderful experience. To describe it, I feel … comfortable on the ocean or even in the outdoors - it just gives me a sense of security to feel comfort and confidence being outdoors, moving through the environment.  If I had to think of one thing for me it's being able to move through the environment easily - it makes me feel centred, makes me feel grounded.  

It’s come through a lifetime. I guess for me, coming out to the marina or going out to the islands, onto these beaches, going to the west coast, I have a personal narrative there and I have witnessed different episodes of my life in these places. With the people I've gone with, I’ve borne witness to events in my life and changes, out in these places.  

I’ve always had a boat - I’ve never not had a boat of some description, some means of getting out on the water. And it's very important - it's critically important - for me to share that with my kids. But not only that but for them to feel comfortable enough to share it with others. So for me it's important for me to share that experience with the kids but it's equally important for them to develop a generosity of spirit to share it again with others. So that that cycle is continued.

Mentorship from others has been a big feature of my life, I’ve appreciated it, and under that same generosity of experience I want to pass that on to my kids and to the other kids or the other people that I interact with. I've had the real benefit of working with hundreds and hundreds of people and kids and the experience that I've had in the wildernesses and on the ocean has been transformative and I've seen it transform others. Ordinary experiences in the outdoors are transformative for people and that’s just something I want to play a part in.”

advocate / explorer / storyteller