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Dan | Day 021

Rumon CarterComment

"I was born and raised here; I live in Fairfield, always have. I’ve always been within two or three blocks of the water.

Dog walks: like for so many, they got us down here. That was a childhood thing, where you come down every morning to get the dog outside. It’s almost a give and take: you do it for the dog but really the dog’s doing it for you.  

Something that I always do now is that when I'm traveling around B.C., Western Canada, the U.S., doing location shoots, as soon as I get back to the Island I always do a pass by the water. It’s a bit of a grounding thing in terms of remembering how amazingly blessed we are to have one of the most gorgeous coasts in the whole world at our doorstep. I don’t know that I think about it consciously. Usually it just happens as I’m driving through Cook Street Village. I could turn onto May Street and go straight home, but then I keep driving to Dallas Road and dependent upon the time of day I turn left or right - left if I’m hitting the sunrise, right if the timing’s right for the sunset. So what starts out as a block out of my way typically ends up being a 15-minute drive along the coast until the sun’s up or down.

It’s so easy to take it for granted - I think that’s the biggest thing for me. You can sit less than a block away from the water and forget that it’s right there. You can sit looking out your window wondering what to do today, but, really, you could walk that block to the water and spend that time. And it’s the same with work - it’s not like it takes any time to head down to the water to take that conference call sitting with a view. I’ve done that a few times: finished a shoot here at home and had a few calls to make, so might as well pull down the tailgate and finish ‘er off right here."

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